Growing an SEO Company - It all starts with good soil (content)

Back in 2000, a consortium of independent SEO services and web site design providers began a collaboration that would operate under the brand name Positronic Design, The SEO Company. Over the years we've built and done organic search engine optimization and other SEO services to literally hundreds of web sites covering almost every kind of business imaginable.

One of these sites, that was built during the relatively early days of Positronic being an SEO company, is the site for Cherry Hill Construction in Connecticut. Over the years they have ranked extremely highly for such terms as Roll Off Dumpsters, Commercial Site Work, and Top Soil Aggregates. These are highly competitive keywords in their industry, and bring many potential customers to their site that would otherwise most likely have gone to one of their competitors (if their web site had ranked higher on the search engines).

In addition to the terms mentioned above, they come up highly on literally thousands of long-tail search terms, especially when combined with geo-targeting, for example Construction Company CT or Demolition Company CT.

Take a look for yourself. Visit their web site. Check out the keywords featured on various pages' Title Tags, and Google those terms and see who comes up on the first page (top 10 results). Terms like Garage Demolition Contractor and Surplus Construction Material Processed. Notice those terms don't require Connecticut or CT to bring Cherry Hill up on Page One, the rank is generic for the whole world.

If you need an SEO Company to help your web site attract customers via targeted keywords like the ones described above, give us a call at 413.532.6440 and ask about our SEO services, and what we can do to make your web site rank highly for targeted high-traffic keyword terms that are extremely relevant to your customers, and the goods and services they need.

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