High-Quality Lingerie SEO for a New York Lingerie Boutique Web Site

One of our most challenging jobs as an SEO company has been the SEO copywriting and high-quality inbound link development for the website of La Petite Coquette, New York City's finest luxury lingerie boutique, featuring sexy bras and panties, sexy sleepwear, and sexy gifts.

To start with, all of their many pages had virtually NO body copy. We set about to fix that and we've made steady progress. We've optimized the text for about fifty pages already, with another fifty or so to go.

Once the body copy for each page is finalized, we then develop the Alt and Link Title tags for the images and links on the page.

When this is all completed, we then compose the Title, Description, and Keyword META Tags for the page.

Then it's time to go get some high-quality inbound links...

This can be a challenge, but with ingenuity, perserverance, and a lot of good-old-fashioned hard work, it CAN be done.

So far, the results have been extremely impressive, and we're only about halfway through a one-year SEO campaign.

Consider these facts:

Comparing Q1 2009 with Q1 2010, the results are stark.

While I can't give out exact figures for reasons of client confidentiality, I can tell you this:

The number of Visitors that were delivered via Google search increased by over 300%, and the number of search terms that brought those visitors also increased by over 300%. In concert with this increased search engine traffic, their year-to-year online sales for Q1 also TRIPLED.

This is what we call VERY effective Lingerie SEO.

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Compared to every other form of global advertising (and even local advertising) that's available, organic search engine optimization offers easily the biggest bang for the buck. We have clients who had us build their sites years ago have us do a complete modernization and SEO overhaul, with amazing results.