Micro Thong Panties SEO Campaign Implementation

Sexy Micro Thong Panties, a great affordable gift you can buy online for your wife or girlfriend.
Sexy Micro Thong Panties
One of our latest clients is Panties.com, an affordable gifts for your wife or girlfriend that you can buy online, like micro thong panties, web site based in Iowa. They have been around for 25 years and have had a web site up since 1995. The problem is, they don't rank much for anything besides the word "panties" itself. This is a great keyword, for volume, but it's very broad, and has a low conversion rate.

The main thing we're doing for them right now is reorganizing their shopping cart for better conversions and re-writing their on-page SEO stuff, like product descriptions, meta tags, photo captions, alt tags, link titles and the like. This is to help them rank for other keywords, like micro thong, thong panties, micro thong panties, etc.

This is similar to the work we do for our other lingerie clients that sell sexy bras and sexy corsets online.

Hopefully we'll start to see some results soon. Early returns are promising, but they're VERY early, so we can't get too excited yet. Stay tuned for more as this lingerie micro thong panties SEO Campaign develops, and call us at 413.532.6440 if we can put a little "sex-appeal" into your SEO campaigns.