SEO Copywriting for Google Trends Blogs to Increase Traffic

Google Trends blogs are very interesting. Google likes people who follow trends about breaking news, sports, fashion, celebrities, crime, politics, weather, and special events because it gives them something to bring up in the search results when people go look for the stuff that's hot on the news or trending in some way or the other.

Google publishes its trends data on, and it's always an interesting place to go if you want to see what the zeitgeist is at any particular moment in time. Yahoo publishes their trends right on the home page, and it will be interesting to see in the future if Google starts doing the same.

SEO Copywriting for trends is one of the things we do as an SEO Company here at Positronic Design. It's a very good way to increase traffic to your blog and your overall network of sites.

The main point is that you have to mention the subject keyword that's at the heart of the trend at least twice. Plus you should use it in the header, and the meta tags. If you upload a picture to go along with your trends post, make sure to add that keyword to the Title and Alt tags as well.

For additional heft to your articles, include the keywords that come up as "related searches" for the trend, as they will help you with SEO copywriting implementation as well.

One other good thing to remember when writing trends blogs is to try to keep it interesting, because people who come read your stuff, if they like it, can help you out by subscribing to your blog, posting a link to it on their web sites, and bookmarking it at places like Mixx and Digg.