SEO Copywriting for Music Blogs -

SEO Copywriting for music blogs is similar to SEO copywriting for other types of blogs, but with some important differences.

There are a host of generic terms that you have to be sure to include in a music blog if you want to have effective SEO, those would include music, band, concert, video, tour date, mp3, cd, dvd, new release, single, tour, etc. These should be worked into the text as appropriate, and shouldn't really be a challenge to get into posts in sufficent density, at least for the blog overall. Make sure to include plurals in the mix, because there IS a difference between "Tour Date" and "Tour Dates" in the search algorithms. Try them on Google, you'll see. Tour Date has 116 million sites indexed while Tour Dates has only 47.1 million.

When the post itself is ABOUT a DVD, CD, tour, or other specific term, make sure to include that generic keyword in both the header and the first sentence of the post.

Make sure you mention the band/performer name and the name of the album/song that you're discussing. Mention these a couple of times in a couple of different sentences if possible.

The other trick for SEO Copywriting for music blogs is to make sure you include RELATED terms that your target audience might also be looking for, like similar bands and other albums and songs, especially hit songs, that the act has released. For instance, if you had a music blog post about Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You", you'd discuss the song, but maybe also work in a sentence like this:

Led Zeppelin has a history of hit rock songs with screaming guitar leads like in Since I've Been Loving You. Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love also used crunching guitar to carry the melody.

As you see, the post is about Since I've Been Loving You, but people searching for Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love, which were bigger hits and therefore get more searches than Since I've Been Loving You, could also wind up on your site, especially with long-tail searches. If they get to your blog, they've already confirmed that they're Led Zeppelin fans, and the post is about Led Zeppelin, so they'll probably read on, and maybe become a subscriber or convert in some other way.

For an example of a music blog that I'm doing SEO Copywriting for, see my new Progressive Rock Music Blog,