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Balsa Wood and Basswood are very popular with modeling hobbyists, probably the most popular woods of all for making models. At Positronic Design, The SEO Company, we've been working, with great success, to improve the ranking for these and related keywords for the National Balsa Wood Company, located in Ware, Massachusetts. Much of our efforts have been related to SEO Copywriting like that in this article.

National Balsa Wood Co. has been supplying hobbyists with precision cut and laser cut balsa wood and basswood for years, and can create the components for even the most intricate of models.

Architects and architecture students prefer basswood over all others for the making of architectural models for presentations and for architecture students to do their final projects for school. Basswood is strong, lightweight, and easily cut or carved into the desired shapes and sizes needed.

Balsa wood is the favorite of people who make and fly miniature remote controlled aircraft and build historically accurate scale model versions of famous aircraft. Balsa wood is extremely lightweight, and like basswood can be easily laser cut into a myriad of shapes and sizes.

Both balsa wood and basswood are used by scale model railroading enthusiasts to build their elaborate train set layouts and scale models of cities and train stations.
Basswood sheets for architectural models