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When you're writing SEO copy for a product post such as this one, which features the Peanut Shell brand Heirloom Baby Sling, you have to be able to include all the appropriate keywords in the body copy, without making it sound ponderous or over-the-top.

For instance, I'd probably use a paragraph like this:

Heirloom Baby Slings are a wonderful baby shower gift for a nursing mom who needs to be able to breastfeed their baby, and stay on the go! It's much easier moving from place to place, both at home and out in the world, if you have a snug, comfortable baby sling like the Heirloom. No more "lugging" your baby around. No more overexposed breastfeedings. Not with the Heirloom baby sling. It helps solve all those annoying problems, and looks great doing it! Not only that, every Heirloom baby sling comes with a pocket to keep essential supplies close at hand. Heirloom baby slings are "dry clean only" and are recommended for babies weighing between eight and thirty pounds.

You see, that paragraph uses "heirloom", "baby slings" (and "baby sling") and other relevant nursing bras keywords in a seamless and easygoing way. This is what we consider an excellent example of SEO-enhanced copywriting for a page that featured the Heirloom Baby Sling for sale.

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