Social Bookmarking Using the AddThis Button for News, Sports, Politics and Trends Blogs to Increase Google Rank and Traffic

Positronic Design, The SEO Company, has been increasingly recommending that our clients have us install the AddThis button to their master templates, so that it is accessible from any page on the site. This button is a very convenient repository of places to link, url shorten, favorite, bookmark, and otherwise spread-the-word about a given article or page. There's even a button that allows you to automatically email an article to a friend. If you don't want to add the button to the template so that it will appear on every page of the site, it can be placed into individual pages as well.

You'll have to set up accounts on most of the social bookmarking sites in order to use them, but once you've done that once for each one, it's almost automatic to bookmark (or whatever) each of your articles after that.

Here's a list of the Social Bookmarking services built into the AddThis button:

100zakladok , 2 Tag, 2linkme, A1-Webmarks, Adifni, aero, AIM Share, Amazon, Amen Me!, AOL Lifestream, AOL Mail, Arto, Ask, Aviary Capture, Baang, Baidu, BallHype, Bebo,, bizSugar, Bleetbox, Blinklist, Blip, Blogger, Bloggy, Blogmarks, Blurpalicious, Bobrdobr, BonzoBox, BookmarkingNet,, Bordom,, Brainify, Bryderi, BuddyMarks, Buzzzy, Camyoo, Care2, Chiq, Cirip, CiteULike, ClassicalPlace, Clickazoo, Cndig,, Connotea, COSMiQ, Delicious, DesignBump, Designmoo, Digg, Diggita, DiggTiger, diglog, Digo, Diigo, Dipdive, doMelhor, Doower, Dosti, DotNetKicks, DotNetShoutout, Douban, Drimio, Dropjack, Dwellicious, dzone, edelight, eKudos,, eLert Gadget, Email, Email App, Embarkons, euCliquei, Evernote, extraplay, EzySpot, Fabulously40, Facebook, Fai Informazione, Fark, Farkinda, FAVable, Faves, favlog, Favorites, Favoritus, Flaker,, Fnews, Folkd, FollowTags, fooxweb, forceindya, Fresqui, FriendFeed, Friendster, funP, fwisp, Gabbr, Gacetilla, Gamekicker, Gamesnetworks, GiveALink, GlobalGrind, GluvSnap, Gmail, Google, Google Buzz, Google Reader, Gravee, GreaterDebater,, Grumper,, Hacker News, Hadash Hot, Hatena, Hazarkor,, HelloTxt, HEMiDEMi, hipstr, Hitmarks, Hot Bookmark, Hotklix, Hotmail,, HTML Validator, Hyves, ideaREF!, Identica, iGoogle, ihavegot, Instapaper, InvestorLinks, iSociety, iWiW, Jamespot, Jisko, Jumptags, Kaboodle, Kaevur, Kipup, KiRTSY, Kledy, Kommenting, koornk, Kudos, Laaikit, Ladenzeile, Librerio, Link Ninja, Link-a-Gogo, LinkedIn, LinkShares,, Live, Livefavoris, LiveJournal, LockerBlogger, Lynki, Mashbord, Mawindo, Meccho, meinVZ, Mekusharim,, Menéame, Messenger, Mindbodygreen, Mister Wong, Mister Wong DE, Mixx,, mototagz, Multiply, myAOL, mylinkvault, MySpace, N4G, NetLog, Netvibes, Netvouz, NewsTrust, Newsvine, Nujij, OKNOtizie, oneview, orkut, Osmosus, Oyyla, PDF Online, PDFmyURL, PhoneFavs, Picciz, PimpThisBlog,, Planypus, Plaxo, Plurk, Polladium, PopEdition, Posteezy, Posterous,, Print, PrintFriendly, Propeller, Pusha, Quantcast, Read It Later,, Reddit, Rediff MyPage, RedKum,, Segnalo, Sekoman, Shaveh, SheToldMe, Simpy, Slashdot, SmakNews, SMI, SodaHead, Sonico, Speedtile, Sphinn, Spoken To You, sportpost, springpad, Spruzer, Squidoo, Startaid, Startlap, Story Follower, Strands, studiVZ, Stuffpit, StumbleUpon, Stumpedia, Stylehive, Surfpeople, Svejo, Symbaloo,, Tagvn, Tagza, Technorati, TellMyPolitician, The Web Blend, Thinkfinity, ThisNext, Tip'd, Transferr, Translate, Tulinq, Tumblr, Tusul, TweetMeme, Twitter, TwitThis, Typepad, Viadeo, Virb, Visitez Mon Site, Vyoom, Webnews, Whois Lookup, Windy Citizen, WireFan, Wordpress, Worio, Wovre, Wykop, Xanga, Y! Bookmarks, Y! Buzz, Y! Mail, Yahoo! Buzz France, Yammer, Yardbarker, Yazzem, Yigg, Yoolink, Yorumcuyum, Youbookmarks, YouMob,, Zanatic, ZooLoo

A few of my favorites are bolded.

For a complete breakdown on what each of these services does, see the AddThis Services Directory. It's a great survey of the available social bookmarking sites available out there for use by bloggers and webmasters.

This is particularly good if you have several friends, employees, or other motivated readers who will use this button to easily "do you a favor" and bookmark the site to several of the sites using their unique logins and profiles. The more social bookmarking activity you can get, the better, and even five people "buzzing" something or "digging" it can have a serious impact on the gravity that digging or buzzing something has on the net traffic and site Google rank increase.

Even if you're doing it alone, though, your efforts will bear fruit. Try to make sure to mix in other links besides your own when you social bookmark, and don't just duplicate content, make each bookmark have original descriptive text.

If you want help using social bookmarking to increase SEO for your company web site, give the SEO Company a call at 413.532.6440 or 800.7472.3765.