Custom Point of Purchase Displays SEO Copywriting and Meta Tagging Principles and Procedures

Custom Point of Purchase Display
Here at Positronic Design, The SEO Company, we cover a very wide range of subjects and topics with our SEO copy writing and Meta Tagging projects. This requires that we read quite a bit of material about whatever industry we're covering, and be able to make lucid, relevant, topical articles and comments on whatever subject it is.

A recent example of this that we're having quite a bit of success with, is for the web site of Phillips Enterprises of Northampton, Massachusetts. They've been in the business of making innovative, high-quality, custom point of purchase displays since 1974. When we started doing business with them a few years ago, they had a site that was OK, but nothing to write home about, and nothing that was generating any extra action as far as sales leads were concerned.

Enter Positronic Design. We redesigned the web site from the ground up and created a 36 page Portfolio of Custom POP Displays, which covers almost every type of retail display you could think of. There are retail point of sale display units for Vitamins, Painting Supplies, NFL and MLB, Floor Tiles... you name it. Tweaking the submitted copy for each of these pages and distilling and composing appropriate Title, Description, Keyword, and Picture Alt/Title Meta Tags from the refined page copy is the very heart of what we do as an SEO Company.

Here's an example of what the web site's home page meta tags were before and after we took over:


Title Tag: Phillips Enterprises, Inc. - POP Store Fixtures, Racks & Displays

Description Tag: Phillips Enterprises Inc., Custom Manufacturer of Point of Purchase POP Display / Store Fixtures, Northampton, Massachusetts.  Manufacturers of wood floor, counter, spinner, slatwall and acrylic knocked down (KD)
and assembled displays.  Warehousing and drop shipping programs.

Keywords: point of purchase POP racks display fixtures, store fixtures custom displays wood displays P.O.P displays store displays store racks retail fixtures floor displays counter displays spinners slatwall knocked down KD assembled displays warehousing drop shipping Phillips Enterprises Northampton western Mass New England

After our revisions:

Title Tag:  Point of Purchase (POP) Display Units and Point of Sale (POS) Displays - Knock Down (KD) & Assembled

Description Tag: Phillips Enterprises is a custom manufacturer of Point of Purchase Display Units and Point of Sale Displays. We design, manufacture, warehouse and drop ship Knock Down / KD and Assembled POP and POS Displays of all types.

Keywords: custom, point of purchase, displays, display, pop display, source, large, small, program, design, manufacture, hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, particleboard, mdf, wire, sheet metal, acrylics, aluminum, company, product, logo, custom-designed, unique, printed, graphics, pos display, designers, cabinet, lighting, pegboards, display units, package size, shipping, handling, costs, kd, creative, save, money, clothing, racks, hinged doors, sliding, adjustable shelving,  glass, panels, rotational, capability, qualities, dynamic, eye-catching, distinguish, stock display, display program, bottom line, northampton, ma

One major problem they had before was that there were no commas between the keywords, so the search engines think that it's just one giant long-tail keyword, which doesn't help much.