SEO Company Copywriting for Organic Search Engine Optimization and High Ranks

As part of our job as an SEO Company, we usually have to write organic search engine optimization copy and meta tags for each page of every site we do. As an example, I'm posting the most recent SEO copywriting re-write of the home page copy for the web site of Positronic Design, The SEO Company.

Actually, it's not the same now, because we don't want duplicate content, so I re-wrote it again. Both examples are good SEO copywriting examples.


Positronic Design is an SEO Company, located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is a full service graphic design and organic search engine optimization, web site devsign, and SEO company which builds high-quality search engine optimized websites for our customers. We combine creative and technical skills, along with our knowledge of business and marketing, plus advanced SEO company techniques to design, program and SEO-optimize gorgeous high-ranking web sites.

Positronic Design, The SEO Company, is experienced working with interactive Flash Animation for both business and artistic clients. Adobe Flash combines music, voiceovers, animation, video clips and programmed interactivity to create effective presentations, slick music videos, interactive galleries, and sophisticated Flash web sites.

We are also a leader in natural-language Organic Search Engine Optimization research, including meta and link title tag composition, high-quality content development, SEO copywriting and high-quality inbound link network creation and management. Our strategies have successfully promoted many web sites to the top of their targeted search terms (keywords) organic rankings on Google and other search engines. Top positions on Yahoo and Google for years on highly-competitive keywords are achieveable. Our sites feature lots of high-quality content and relevant, contextually appropriate links to maximize merit-based relevancy scores. We stake our reputation as an SEO company on the results of our work.

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